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MemoCam DV-Cop/CELL
The New Generation MemoCam that Transmits Images


DV-Cop/CELL is a stand-alone, miniature DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with integrated VMD (Video Motion Detection) and Cellular Communication that transmits images for remote Visual Verification.

Cellular Communication enables the
DV-Cop/CELL unit to send messages to your cellphone and/or e-mail with JPEG images attached every time intrusion is detected, so that you can see what is happening at the remote site and take the necessary action.

DV-COP/CELL is a solid-state plug & play device with no moving parts that can be deployed quickly and easily, and moved around effortlessly between locations. It is easy to operate and requires minimal training.

Alarms can be activated by external triggers and/or by advanced, integrated Video Motion Detection (VMD), which enables the user to define specific areas of interest within the picture frame.

We have designed DV-COP/CELL so that it can remain in the field for long periods without the need for ongoing maintenance. Its miniature size makes it easy to hide and it is therefore perfect for covert operations.

DV-COP/CELL is perfect for monitoring and securing any site requiring a quick and easy setup at an affordable cost without needing to invest further in communications infrastructure.

DV-COP/CELL has been designed using the most advanced GPRS Class 12 cellular platform available today. Our solution covers the 900 / 180oo0 / 1900 frequency bands, enabling flexibility and universal usage. It also enables image encryption for securre transmission of images.

DV-COP/CELL’s Cellular Technology enables:

  • Set up in sites without electricity or telephone lines (as long as it is covered by cellular reception).
  • Receive notification to your celllphone via SMS messages and e-mails with image attachments informing that there has been an intrusion detection.
  • Communicate with the unit in the field for management & control purposes via pre-defined SMS message commands: arm the unit, disarm the unit, configure the unit, find out the status of the unit.
  • Image encryption for the secure transmission of information
  • Perform immediate alarm verification without the need to go to the site to retrieve the recorded images.

In addition DV-COP/CELL has all of the features preferred in a DVR:

  • Excellent Recording Quality: up to 640 x 480 resolution, up to 10 frames per second.
  • Communication & Connectivity capabilities.
  • Integrates into existing CCTV system infrastructure.
  • Dependable system with automatic recovery after power failure
  • Secure system with password protection, and images dated, timed & watermarked

Remote Visual Verification has never been so easy!


 For more information about MemoCam DV-COP/CELL click here.

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