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D-Cam Series

You Can't Tell it's a Camera!

All-in-One Integrated Camera, PIR and Timer, covertly packaged in standard alarm-detector casing, making it ideal for covert surveillance.

Our new Video over UTP (Video over Unshielded Twisted Pair) models make the D-Cam even less conspicuous as there are no bulky coax cables.

Integrated microphone optional, as permitted by law.  

These unobtrusive-looking units can be used to provide comprehensive visual and audio feeds to MemoCam units, NetEye and NETiP transmitters, as well as other transmitters and DVRs. It is the perfect add-on camera for security installations feeding to CCTV monitors, transmitters and DVRs.

D-CAM Family Products

D-Cam 600 series

D-CAM 600
D-CAM 601 incl. audio 

High-quality covert black and white or color pinhole camera and passive infrared detector with matching camera and passive infrared fields of view. More...

NEW D-Cam 600/T series with Video over UTP

D-CAM 600/T
D-CAM 601/T
incl. audio

New Video over UTP models save you the need for expensive, rigid coax cables for video transmission. They support transmission of video up to at least 600 feet (200m) away. More...

Custom Designs

Custom Design

Custom designs also available. Contact us...


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