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D-Cam 600T Series with Video over UTP
You can't tell it's a Camera!

All-in-One Integrated Camera, PIR and Timer with Video over Unshielded Twisted Pair

Ideal for Covert Surveillance and as Cost-Efficient add-on Covert Cameras for Security Installations.

D-Cam 600/T integrates high quality, high sensitivity pinhole camera, active PIR sensor and adjustable smart timer. A built-in microphone is optional where permitted by law (601/T models).

D-Cam 600/T comes in a new slim design, with an almost invisible camera hole underneath the surface and a covered LED, making it ideal for covert surveillance.

Video is transmitted over Unshielded Twisted Pair up to 600ft away. No more expensive, rigid and highly visible coax cables for video transmission !

D-Cam 600/T comes with power supply with 15ft cable; a built-in Balun# plus an additional Balun with BNC connector to be used at the monitoring end; and a swivel mounting bracket for quick and easy mounting.

#Balun: passive device for transmission over UTP

The D-Cam 600/T series is available in Color, B&W, and 0.003 Lux for low light situations.

D-Cam 600/T series includes faster mounting/dismounting capabilities as a stand-alone unit or in combination with new swivel bracket supplied, allowing a variety of mounting options.

The D-Cam 600/T dry contact outputs for VCR and alarm control. A smart timer for optimal delayed VTR activation and ASIC based electronics with movement speed spectrum analysis are also featured. 
In addition, the D-Cam 600/T supports a wide range of operating voltages with internal regulation for picture stability.

  • High quality color or b/w video
  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) transmission, making covert operations possible without bulky coax cables
  • Cost efficient
  • Matching fields of view (PIR and camera)
  • Invisible camera hole
  • Covered LED indicators
  • Suited for low lighting conditions going as low as 0.003 Lux
  • Built in smart timer for activating external devices
  • Fast mounting
  • Combines 3 different fixtures into 1 for clearner, simpler installations
  • Sleek new design
  • High quality microphone with built-in amplifier optional where permissible by law

  For more information about D-Cam 600 Series:

For USA: click here.

For Europe: click here.


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