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Date: March 29, 2005

OFFSITE VISUAL STORAGE: Images can be Remotely Stored and Accessed by Internet in Real-Time, 24/7.
And at the same time, regular alarm panels become IP/visual alarm verification enabled!

Video Domain Technologies’ Next-Generation Solution for Video Recording.
The increased availability of broadband internet has opened up various opportunities for the security industry. Video Domain Technologies has identified the possibilities for Off-Site Visual Storage, and towards this end has developed a unique solution for this valuable remote storage/management tool for the security industry, which is both affordable and simple to install.

The Video Domain system comprises a MemoCam® unit (our award-winning all-in-one CCTV system with high-quality camera, DVR, active PIR and Video Motion Detector in a hand-sized PIR casing) - and a Transcomm™ - an IP communicator which connects the alarm panels and the MemoCam® units to the IP networks.

When an action takes place in the area of the MemoCam® unit, recording is triggered and the Transcomm™ transmits the images being recorded into a remote video storage server at the central station. Images are dated and timed for integrity, and secured with embedded codes.
When the alarm system is armed, an alarm signal is transmitted to the central station in parallel with the visual images.

The recorded files can be immediately accessed by the CMS operators or by any authorized user with the necessary password over the internet, in real-time, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages of the System:

· Customers can store their video data off site, on discs, in any volume they choose
· The data is in a totally secure location - with embedded codes
· Polling of the lines guarantees a more secure alarm system
· On-line, real time access to the data 24 x 7 x 365
· Guaranteed access to images from any place, at any time, via the internet using a browser
· Authorized personnel can see whoever enters or exists the secured area
· Reliable, robust system with no hard drives and no moving parts
· Huge savings on the purchase of expensive equipment – no need for cameras, lenses, DVRs, discs, cables, back-up
· Entire system in one small package
· No more false alarm fines – the alarm panel would have visual alarm verification
· Lower insurance rates
· Easy management and maintenance
· Competitive prices for the system and the service
· The service providers save the end user the bother of handling

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