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Date: 21/10/2004

Video Domain Introduces Perfect Solution for Visual Alarm Verification.

Unique, Simple Solution for transforming any regular alarm system to Visual Alarm Verification with IP and Customer Management capabilities.

Video Domain Technologies Ltd. is proud to introduce a unique, simple and cost-effective addition to regular alarm panels, based on the award-winning MemoCam® technology.

Our solution upgrades any alarm system into an IP Alarm Panel with Customer Management + Visual Verification Solution. It doesn't require special skills to install or extra infrastructure to run - it comes in ready and preset units which can be installed as easily as installing any PIR sensor - just install, plug and use!

We are offering a total system consisting of simple to install all-in-one unit/s (PIR + Covert Camera + DVR all in a PIR enclosure), specially designed for the alarm industry. It has an IP and GPRS (optional) Dialer connected to the alarm panel, combined with a matching receiver at the monitoring center (CMS software available on demand).

It integrates seamlessly within any alarm panel, and can be installed as simply as an alarm panel.

Value Added Benefits:

  • continuous line supervision
  • secure internet/intranet web service allowing customers access to up-to-the second alarm and video data
  • alarm signals via IP transmission
  • automatic transmission of alarm images (with pre- and post)
  • on demand transmission of images
  • back-up line via cellular
  • distribution of alarm information and images to cellular and e-mail
  • auto-dialling functions
  • auto-alarm handling
  • call line identification

IP and GPRS Dialer Main Features:

  • connects alarm equipment into IP and GPRS (optional) networks
  • standard alarm protocols supported
  • secure polling algorithm
  • remote real-time visual alarm verification
  • automatic images transmission on alarm
  • on-demand images transmission
  • the IP and GPRS adaptor can control up to 32 all-in-one units through a serial RS-485 line

All-in-One Unit Main Features:

  • passive infra-red detector
  • internal covert camera
  • internal DVR with solid state storage
  • communications port
  • a new event file is recorded on internal memory upon alarm activation. Each event contains a sequence of pre- and post images

Video Domain - Remote Site Protection has never been so easy!

About VideoDomain

Video Domain Technologies Ltd. is the leading provider of easy-to-use Visual Evidence Recording solutions to protect businesses, homes and other assets. Video Domain's solutions enable real-time, remote video and audio observation and recording for immediate action and post-event analysis.

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