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Date: 15/08/2004

VideoDomain release the Dynamic IP support -DDNS

There are only a finite number of global IP addresses available to be shared by all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and their users; That's why they are quite expensive. The fast proliferation of Broadband/ADSL communication has accelerated the use of Dynamic IP addresses by the ISPs. The Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) allocates IP addresses dynamically to users when they connect to the Internet and negates the need for a costly dedicated fixed IP address.

The Dynamic Name System (DNS) is a general-purpose distributed, replicated, data query service used on the Internet for translating hostnames into Internet addresses. Dynamic DNS enables one to map a logical name to a dynamic IP address. This means that the IP can be updated dynamically from a DNS server based on the network of your current Internet supplier.

Video Domain, the leading provider of visual evidence recording solutions, has now added Dynamic IP support to the NetiP CCTV transmission system. The Dynamic DNS feature allows users to register a domain name that always points to their NetiP Unit, which means the remote application will connect to the unit using its logical name.

The requirement for an Expensive static IP address may be a major obstacle to some users regarding Internet video monitoring applications. All customers with Broadband/ADSL communication capabilities can take advantage of the Dynamic IP support by the NetiP CCTV Units. With the release of Dynamic IP support, the Expensive static IP address is no longer required!!!

Now you can connect to your NetiP CCTV Unit via the Internet from anywhere - Home, Office or Monitoring Center at a fraction of static IP cost!

Video Domain offers a range of advanced real-time remote video monitoring solutions for Monitoring and Control applications.

Video Domain - Remote Alarm Video Verification has never been so easy!

About VideoDomain

Video Domain Technologies Ltd. is the leading provider of easy-to-use Visual Evidence Recording solutions to protect businesses, homes and other assets. Video Domain's solutions enable real-time, remote video and audio observation and recording for immediate action and post-event analysis.

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