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November 1, 2006

Video Domain’s Solutions Secure 55 Public Medical Centers in Canary Islands.

Video Domain Technologies has been chosen to provide solutions for securing 55 Public Medical Centers spread over the Canary Islands.
When the Centro de Salud Primaria de Canarias (Primary Health Center of Canary Islands) decided to install a centralized security system including remote video monitoring for all of their 55 public medical centers spread over the islands, Video Domain’s solutions were chosen.

“Up until then, the Health Centers Administration had been using security guards to secure all of their public medical centers, some of them on a 24hr basis, and their security expenses were extremely high” said Rajiv Wadhwani, CEO of Viratel – the sole distributors for Video Domain products in the Canary Islands. “They wanted to set up a security system that would be cost-effective yet efficient”.

The security consultants to the Health Centers Administration proposed setting up one centralized control center for all 55 medical centers, located in the administrative center, and installing a system whereby the control center could monitor after-hour entry at the medical centers via remote video.

A NetiP* system was installed in each medical center to transmit video from the medical centers to the control center over an existing private IP network. In addition, four D-Cam** cameras were installed in each building: one covering the main entrance, one covering the emergency entrance, and two covering reception – public areas.

* NetiP is a stand-alone IP Remote Digital Video/Audio Transmitter that transmits high quality video and audio. It supports up to 8 color cameras, audio channels, alarm triggers and relay outputs. The MultiObserver software that comes with the NetiP supports Video Alarm Verification and Virtual Guard Tours applications.

**D-Cam cameras are inexpensive miniature covert cameras featuring integrated high-quality camera, PIR detector and very sensitive microphone. The camera and the PIR have a matching field of vision.

During work hours, the control center does routine Virtual Guard Tours of all 55 medical centers, to monitor that everything is in order.

After hours, when the D-Cam PIR sensor triggers an alarm, the NetiP automatically connects to the control center and transmits live stream video and audio, so that the operator can see exactly what is happening on site, what triggered the alarm, and dispatch a response team if necessary.

“Video Domain’s combination of NetiP and D-Cam provided a cost-effective solution not requiring complicated installations, that resulted in our winning the tender over all the competitors,” said Eli Suhareanu, Video Domain’s VP Sales & Marketing. “The Health Centers Administration is delighted with our solution, which is second to none when integrated applications are required.”

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