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May 30, 2006

Video Domain’s MemoCam® DVR goes Cellular!

Video Domain Technologies’ new MemoCam DVR with Cellular Communication capabilities -
D-V58/CELL - enables notification via cell phone and/or e-mail (with option of attached images) whenever recording has been triggered by an event.
Ready for shipping July 2006.

Video Domain has now added to its MemoCam® DVR series the D-V58/CELL, that contains an advanced cellular module enabling cellular communication.

The D-V58/CELL is the perfect solution for monitoring/securing any site that requires a quick & easy setup at affordable cost. As it utilizes existing cellular wireless infrastructure, it is ideal for use in remote critical locations without any infrastructure (no power or physical means of communication available).

Advanced GPRS Cellular Technology
The D-V58/CELL has been developed utilizing the most advanced GPRS Class 12 cellular platform available today.
The GPRS platform is 15X faster than regular GSM, ensuring high-speed transfer of images to the user over any GSM/GPRS network in the world. It covers 900 / 1800 / 1900 frequencies - enabling flexibility and universal usage. It also enables image encryption for secure transmission of information.

Operating D-V58/CELL via Cellphone
The advanced cellular communications platform enables the following operations to be performed via cellphone by the user:
o Receive pre-defined SMS messages or e-Mails informing that there has been an “event”
o Receive JPEG image/s as attachment with the e-Mails
o Send selected commands via SMS messages eg. Arm, Disarm, Configure, and more
o Receive images attachments in encrypted format where requested
o Get status of the unit

About MemoCam D-V58 series
D-V58 is a stand-alone, miniature DVR with integrated Video Motion Detection (VMD) that records quality digital color video onto a removable SD card. It has power-saving features, making it ideal for battery-powered operations in remote sites where power sources are not available.

When not recording, the D-V58 goes into sleep mode, when it draws less than 0. 2 Watts. When triggered into recording mode, it powers up the camera connected to it via the designated output. (It can also be connected to an IR illuminator). In addition, it has automatic recovery after a power failure.

These features make the D-V58 ideal for covert surveillance, for surveillance at remote sites, and for surveillance in vehicles, where it connects to any commercial lighter adaptor with fuse protection.

D-V58 is recommended for a large variety of applications where discretion, mobility, quality video, low-power usage, easy setup and no daily maintenance are important factors.


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