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April 10, 2006

Video Domain’s OVS Solution Finalist for 2006 IFSEC Awards in Best New IP Security / Communication Product Category

Offsite Visual Storage (OVS) – Next Generation Digital Recording Solution
Offsite Visual Storage (OVS) is Video Domain Technologies’ Next-Generation Remote Visual Management Solution for Managing Business/Home Efficiently, Anywhere, Anytime.

It is the perfect solution for managing business or home efficiently & securely, even when you are not there - it is affordable, reliable, secure & user-friendly, and is implemented almost instantly.

Utilizing MemoCam technology which records only relevant events, video clips of “events” are automatically transmitted to a storage server in a secure, tamper-proof environment. These can be reviewed on any PC at anytime (24/7), from anywhere, over the internet.

When supplied by CMS, OVS can be used for Visual Alarm Verification
* The CMS verifies and can react immediately
* Visual Alarm Verification can be performed from day one
* Alarms can be relayed simultaneously with visual images, minimizing false alarms
* Significant reduction of false alarms and fines
* Possibility of lower insurance rates

OVS changes Digital Video Recording as We Have Known it Until Now
* No need to hassle which equipment to install, how much it costs or to learn complicated operations
* No need to invest in expensive equipment or bother with maintenance – the service provider is in charge
* No more sorting through hours of video. View only relevant video information
* No local disc failure – the video clips are secure, and there whenever they are needed

OVS is Easy to Install, and Easy to Work with
* It is quickly installed, is inconspicuous and doesn’t attract attention
* You are immediately informed by e-mail whenever there is an “event” with the option of an attached video clip.
* You control the system - you are provided with different options for the functionalities that are best for you, for example:
- automatic e-mail notifications
- video clip attachments
- notification only of events from specific cameras
- notification only of events from specific time frame

OVS Saves Valuable Time, Energy and Money
* You don’t waste hours monitoring video. You get only what you need.
* You are kept in the picture 24/7 to make informed decisions and take appropriate action
* Minimize loss from theft & shrinkage
* Maximize productivity, efficiency, access control
* Mitigate liabilities in the workplace due to violence & harassment

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