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November 2005.

Video Domain’s Next-Generation Remote Visual Management Solutions. Electronic House Expo. Booth 479.

Video Domain Technologies, leaders in next-generation visual management solutions, presents their latest solutions at EHX, Booth #479:

1. Off-site Visual Storage
Video Domain’s Next-Generation Remote Visual Management Solution for Management & Control of Home / Business Without Having to Physically Be There.

Off-site Visual Storage provides automatic remote storage, distribution and retrieval of video “events”, 24/7, from anywhere in the world, via internet.
* Event images are automatically stored in a secure remote site without the risk of tampering
The end-user requires zero know-how about Video or DVRs
* The end-user can monitor business or home from anywhere in the world via internet, 24/7
* On an event, the end-user receives immediate notification by e-mail
* Cost efficient – the end-user pays an affordable monthly fee
* Huge savings on the purchase of expensive equipment – no need for cameras, lenses, DVRs, discs, cables, back-up
* The system is easy to install – no IP professionals, no coax cables
* Reliable, robust system with no hard drives and no moving parts at the customers’ premises
* Easy management and no maintenance – professionals deal with the technicalities

In addition, the system, when supplied by CMS, can be used for Visual Alarm Verification:
* The system transforms regular alarm panels to IP alarm panels
* Alarms can be relayed simultaneously with visual images, minimizing false alarms
* The CMS verifies and can react immediately
* Significant reduction of false alarms and fines – the alarm panel has visual alarm verification
* Possibility of lower insurance ratesVideo Domain’s Remote Visual Management Solution provides the end-user with peace of mind, and the service provider with an additional monthly income.

2. Video Domain’s Latest CCTV Solutions
Hand-sized, Easy to Install, Easy to Use, with Advanced Technological Features. Ideal for Covert Surveillance at Home / Office.

MemoCams: New – Model M-C720 with 1.2 Megapixel Resolution and CMOS Color Image Sensor
Covert hand-sized all-in-one CCTV system comprising quality Camera+DVR+VMD+PIR, hidden in discreet standard sensor casing, which records onto removable SD card up to 1GB.
Winner of SIA and IFSEC awards for excellence and innovation.
MemoCams available in Megapixel Resolution, Color, B/W and 0.003 Lux. Comes with Remote Control which can also be used as a Panic Button.

Memocam DVRs: New – Model D-V58 with Power-Saving Features (drawing as low as 10mA in sleep mode!)

Stand-alone miniature DVRs with Video Motion Detector that record quality digital color video onto a removable SD card up to 1GB.
Based on award-winning MemoCam technology.
Ideal for covert recording, for mobility and for battery-powered operation.
Comes with Remote Control which can also be used as a Panic Button.

D-Cam 600 series: New – Model 600/T or 601/T with Video over UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), which transmits over 600 ft. away
Covert hand-sized integrated Camera, active PIR and Timer (built-in microphone optional). Hidden camera hole.
Ideal for covert surveillance and as add-on cameras for security installations.
Video over UTP models save you the need for expensive, rigid, highly visible coax cables. They come with built-in balun (passive unit) and additional balun for the other end.
Available in Color, B/W and 0.003 Lux.

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